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Our Flagship Programmes Includes:

  • Business Development Support Services, BDS
  • Training of Trainers, and SME Fairs & Expositions.

Making Microfinance Work I: Managing for Improved Performance

ITC/ILO Brand: The course content is drawn from experiences and techniques of microfinance providers from across the globe. An intensive two weeks training which provides a broad overview of the tools and resources that managers need to run successful MFBs. The course modules would cover (but not limited to):

  • Risk management.
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Organizational Architecture
  • Towards Greater Efficiency and Productivity

The Making Microfinance Work II: Managing Product Diversification;

This training curriculum is designed to achieve four main objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the opportunities and risks that product diversification.
  • Encourage a more pro active management of MFI product portfolios over time
  • Presents, explore options for improving MFI outreach through product diversification.
  • Provide tools and strategies for managing product diversification process successfully

Management Development Training:

The four-day Management Development course addresses the key concepts of managing for results and aims to develop transformational skills for new managers. The first part of the course focuses on the participants’ understanding of themselves and how they interact with others. The second part is anchored on this self-understanding and introduces tools that build skills in managing people and processes. Topics in the course include: Understanding your Style, Getting Commitment to Action, Coaching for Improved Performance Appraising for Results and Motivating for Peak Performance.

The course is action-oriented—participants are given the opportunity to immediately test their understanding of concepts as well as try out emerging skills by simulating actions that they might take in given situations. The simulation, known as the “In Basket Exercise,” draws upon relevant microfinance cases to drive learning. Target for this course are mid-level managers of microfinance institutions who are directly responsible for managing, supervising or training staff.

The course provides an introductory overview of the process of microfinance leadership and management, from the institutional introspection that necessarily precedes it, through the market deepening and positioning. The management tools that will be introduced have been developed over a decade of practical work in Bangladesh, the Philippines and East Africa and are now being used all over the world.

Learning Objectives
  • To hold participants and others accountable for results
  • To understand the key principles for managing people, process and resources
  • To effectively influence people and outcomes through better communication styles
  • To build your strengths and overcome weaknesses through actionable self-development plan
  • To understand how participants’ personal values and motivation influence their managerial perspectives
  • To practice skills in holding critical conversations for managing the performance and development of staff

Microfinance Certification Programme (MCP) CBN/NDIC Product:

A mandatory Certification Programme for Microfinance Operators in Nigeria Levels 1 and 2

Risk Management & Strategic Direction: Global Knowledge Brand: Strategy Session for Board and Management

This course will make participants to:

  • Implement risk management framework in the MFI/MFB;
  • Gain a general understanding of the risks facing microfinance institutions/Banks;
  • Identify the role of board governance, internal controls, and internal audits in the risk management framework;
  • Gain practical understanding of different structures used for risk management in regulated and unregulated MFIs/MFBs;
  • Establish linkage between effective risk management on one hand and MFI’s/MFB’s profitability and sustainability on the other;

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